Building Design & Layout

We provide advice on the design and layout of all types of agricultural buildings and farmyard developments. We provide advice on new buildings, new developments from a greenfield site or converting or refitting existing buildings. We can provide advice and solutions tailored to any system of production in the most cost-effective manner. We strive to provide the best value for money possible for our clients. This process begins at the design stage. Our in-depth knowledge of construction costs allows us to develop the design in the most cost-effective manner. We provide service to the 32 counties of Ireland and can take on any project where our services are requested.


Project Management

The core of our business focuses on the negotiation of competitive pricing and supervision of projects we have obtained Planning Permission for. We have completed a large portfolio of projects with various building contractors, engineering companies and suppliers around the country. We can recommend trust worthy ad reliable contractors where our clients do not have a preferred choice. We aim to achieve the best job possible for the best price at all stages of development.
We have over 40 years experience in supervising the construction of farm buildings. Our service includes the processing of applications for Grant Aid. This complete package has proved to be invaluable to our clients as we are the single point of contact from the initial meeting to completion of the project. This is an attractive service to farmers as holdings become larger and time constraints are more apparent. We believe we are unique in the service we provide within the farm building sector.
We employ a Chartered Engineer to ensure all our works comply with relevant standards.


We act as Planning Agents and routinely prepare drawings for Planning Permission Applications along with all other necessary documentation required by Local Authorities around the country. We submit this documentation and process the Application for our clients. We can also prepare Applications for Section 5 Declarations of Exempted Development when requested. We employ a Chartered Engineer to ensure all our works comply with relevant standards.

Environmental Impact Statements

Compliance in relation to environmental issues in the farming industry is becoming more stringent and difficult. Donal expanded this area of the business in 2009. He completed a Professional Diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment in UCD, and the company now offers the following range of services in environmental compliance including; – Preparation of full environmental impact statements – Provision of specific chapters e.g. ecological reports, noise reports and odour reports – Compliance with local authorities regarding Section 12 Enforcement Notices and similar matters.